Security is at the forefront, therefore we integrate security in everything starting with segregated clients’ accounts.

Regulated liquidity providers supply APL Markets with an STP (Straight Through Processing) trading model that ranks among the fastest and most secure trading methods available.

Our approach protects clients’ capital when trading and strict verification procedures ensure that our technology providers are credible.

All of our acts are supervised by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) - the regulatory body which oversees the processes of APL Markets and lays strict rules in terms of accepting and dealing with clients’ deposits while also being strict about regular reporting.


Segregated accounts

All client funds are kept separate from company funds. Markets cannot access clients’ funds without their consent or use client funds for purposes unauthorized by the client. Client as well as company funds are held at leading well-established banks.

Strict verification procedures

APL Markets abides by rigid client transfer procedures that ensure client accounts can only be funded by the account owner, and that funds can only be transferred with explicit authorization from the account owner.



Straight Through order Processing

All client transactions are processed automatically. Orders are executed in the matter of milliseconds and passed onto liquidity providers to find the best available market price. This process is constantly improved by the latest technology.

No Conflict of Interest

Using the STP model means there is never a conflict of interest between the client and the broker. This follows our vision - to fully support trading strategies that profit sustainably.

Liquidity Providers

APL Markets thoroughly selects first-class liquidity providers that are fully regulated and use the STP model for client orders. These superb partners maintain the highest execution standards for our clients.