APL Markets Inc. has been active in seeking profitable and beneficial opportunities since its inception. We are a multi-asset brokerage firm with an extensive international experience, offering clearing and brokerage services into many investment markets. We facilitate a vast number of contracts (in tens of millions) on an annual basis on behalf of banks, institutional investors, trade and corporate clients and HNW individuals. APL Markets Inc. seeks to deliver efficient investment solutions which meet the needs of our clients, employ experienced and talented personnel with knowledge of local cultures and markets; and provide superior technology in an effort to be the best of the best within the industry. We are also active in physical-delivery commodities jointly with our established and trusted partners. We are open-minded and always on the lookout, therefore we would be interested in opportunities that may suit our or our clients’ requirements and needs.

APL Europe - In mid-2017, we announced that this comapny duly established in the United Kingdom may serve as a paying agent for the clients. The banking partner is Barclays Bank that implies utmost credibility. This is another step towards clients in order to bring our services closer and deal with all requests our esteemed partners and clients may have. However, APL Markets Inc. is the company overseeing all operations that holds the necessary permits and the licenses to provide the trading facility.

As of 1st May 2020, we launched cooperation with Transmed Group ( that will deliver vast payment possibilities for our clients, be it incoming or outcoming payments. This channel also serves as the main gateway for EUR payments.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: and our team will be happy to answer.