April 27, 2021

Dear all

Please be informed that for the better efficiency, new wiring instructions are being introduced.

We always work hard to provide top-notch services.

Thank you for your patience.





January 17, 2021

Dear Clients and Partners!

Welcome to the brand-new environment. We not only have improved the looks of the website with fresh design and easier navigation, but we also invested in enhancing security when logging into your accounts. This, however, is just a tip of the iceberg as made several large-scale investments in our trading infrastructure as of Dec 2020. Please note that we have brought improvement in execution and liquidity. Since we operate in an extremely fast-paced and challenging environment, every milisecond counts - and time is money.

Thank you for your patience and we are happy to introduce the updates.

In case of any difficulties with logging in, please do not hesitate to contact us: But we do not expect many.

Once you are able to log in, please use the internal communication tool to communicate with us to ensure smoother and faster dialogue.


Thank you.


APL Markets Inc.


tech info for FIX API traders:

Please note that the scheduled maintenance to upgrade Routers at LD4 POP was completed successfully.


We would also like to remind you that although our team always carries out extensive post-deployment checks, we always encourage our clients to thoroughly test and monitor their systems, ensuring that everything is working as expected.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

As we are continuously optimizing the performance of the APLynx, we will be making the following changes in the upcoming APLynx update which will be taking place in the coming weeks. You will be notified again in advance once the release date has been scheduled for your Live APLynx.

In preparation for this major update, we have already deployed the latest APLynx version in the Demo Environment which is compatible with the Portal version 2.38. It is essential for you to test and verify these changes on your Demo APLynx ahead of the Live Environment update.

Note: For our clients whose LIVE APLynx have been updated to the Portal version 2.38 in the past weeks, please continue to verify the below changes and report any issue or concern right away to our support team at support@.

Symbol Component

Attribute – Change - Description

Session – Removed - Sessions should be defined in Provider Setting, Connector Stream Setting, and Connector Account Setting respectively

Min – Renamed -The new column name is Order Size Step

Point - Updated - The new column has been renamed to Digits with updated logic which allows selection of the exact number of decimals for a symbol from the drop-down list

Factor – Added - The new column Factor is a read-only attribute that is generated by the APLynx for the calculation of the notional value of a CFD contract

Note: Factors should be verified carefully by you and any required changes can be performed on your APLynx by our Support team only.


2. Security Component

Attribute – Change - Description

Enable - Removed - From the Symbol Component, Security can be enabled or disabled by enabling or disabling the Active attribute for a set of symbols filtered out from the Security column.



3. Currency Component

Component - Change - Description

Currency – New

New Currency Component is added in Real-Time and Pending Configs Module. The new table is filled automatically by all distinct Base and Quote values from Symbols setting.



4. Connector Account Component


Attribute - Change - Description

Currency – Removed - The Currency Column from the Connector Account Component has been removed


5. Liquidity Profile Setting Component


Attribute - Change - Description

Precision – Updated - The Precision column has been updated with simplified Select drop-down options



6. Report Manager & Trade Database


Attribute - Change - Description

Ccy - Removed - The Ccy which represents the Connector Account base currency has been removed

Conv - Removed - The Conv which represents the conversion rate between trade currency and connector account currency of an executed trade has been removed

Note: All columns related to Ccy and Conv in the Order/Leg/Deal Reports in the Report Manager will be removed. Please make sure your customized reports are updated accordingly.


We encourage you to test and verify the above changes on your Demo APLynx beforehand to ensure the upcoming update on your Live APLynx will be completed without any interruption to your business operations. For those who utilize APLynx API, it is essential for you to verify and adapt to the above changes in the new APLynx API version 2.38 in advance before the Live update takes place.



In case you experience any issues or have any concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@.